Poker stick to pick up trash

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Feb 12, 2008 · Drive a nail in the end and sharpen it to stab trash with. Or you can get fancy and buy a gadget that is used for this purpose at any department stores like Wal Mart.

Does anyone know where to buy those?It looks like a broom handle with a pointed end.I keep little trash bags on all my mowers but am constantly having to either stop or lean waaaay over to pick up trash and cigarette butts.I'd like to somehow mount one of those things on my mowers but can't find them anywhere.Thanks. HOW TO - Make a green garbage grabber, trash tongs, pick ... They work great and can be used to pick up trash and many other objects. The video in step 5 shows me picking up a piece of scrap banding, a helium cylinder and a can of olives. HOW TO – Make a green garbage grabber, trash tongs, pick up tool – Link. $15 Garbage Spike: 3 Steps - $15 Garbage Spike: OK, so my wife asked me to get her one of those 'Garbage Spikes' so she can pick up stuff in our yard. For some reason, our yard acts as a collection point for the neighborhoods loose garbage every time the wind blows. So, when my wife said she ... Trash pick stick with ejector - YouTube

how would you clean up a highway with a breadstick covered in cheese and garlic butter.

Trash Pickup Tool - Grappler Litter Pickup Tool Grapplers Inc. line of trash pickup tools and rappler litter pickup tool can make your life easier. ... The Grappler is the best trash pick-up tool on the market.

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Those little trash picker-uppers... Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by allstar, Nov 22, 2003. ... Home Depot sells a trash pick up stick for about $20. Ettore 49042 Trash Picker Tool with Stainless… Sturdy, sharp, and good at picking up trash. Can also double up for self defense. Unless the other person has a gun.This was great trash stick at a very fair price. However, the tip cover is a joke ---the smallest piece of plastic that doesn't stay on at all. Where can I buy ( or how to make) a pick pole for … I would like to buy one of those pick-poker things that they use in the park to pick up trash with. It is like a long pole with a sharp nail thing on the end of it.Best Answer: All those poles are is and old broom or mop stick with a screw, screwed in at an angle at the bottom. It should be really easy to do.